Birthday Party! Freebie :)


When I first heard of Scoot games I thought that my 1st graders would love them. They love moving their little wiggly bodies so much and this was a game that would allow them to do that and learn at the same time? Sign me up! I’ll admit that my first attempt at playing scoot with them was kind of a mess. (Like most things you try to do with first graders for the first time right?) However, after we reviewed the plan and played it a few times they were pro’s and begged me to play it over and over.

I thought of a fun way to incorporate this into our birthday celebrations for them because of how much they loved playing it. They were getting tired of the traditional heads up 7 up game and skeleton in the closet wasn’t stumping them anymore so I needed something new that was easy to do and could be done in 15 minutes or less.


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Enter…the birth of Birthday Party Scoot! If you haven’t played scoot before let me walk you through the main steps. I would play this differently with k-early 1st grade than I would with late 1st-5th. I’ll describe both ways.

Kinder-Early 1st

(until they can read most words on their own)

As the teacher I would have the birthday student come up to the front of the room with me and I would tell them the task that was on a card and they could announce it for the whole class to do together. Or you could do it in a smaller group setting like a center.

Late 1st-5th

I would play this the normal way Scoot is played!

  1. Cut the cards out and place one on the desk of each of your students.
  2. Students start at their own desk and when you give the signal they perform the task on the card. (Or the birthday boy/girl could give the signal if they’d like!)
  3. After 10-15 seconds give them the signal of your choice (bell, buzzer, music, yell happy birthday, etc) for them to move to the next desk. It’s important to clearly line out how they will move from desk to desk so mass hysteria doesn’t happen in the middle of the game!
  4. Students move at your signal to each card until they have completed all of the tasks.
  5. You can play it over and over!

This is a rare game where there are no winners or losers which is nice every now and then! Also a great game to leave with a sub who may have a few spare minutes in her day.

What are your favorite games to play with your students on their birthdays? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Click the link below to download Birthday Party Scoot! I hope you have fun!!!


Birthday Party Scoot

I also have a ton of other scoot games in my store, some are holiday themed and others are geared towards a review of concepts. You can check them out by clicking the link below.

 Punctuation Scoot! { !, ?, . }    Halloween Party Scoot Game (30 cards!)   Christmas Party Scoot Activity (30 Cards!)  Synonym Scoot Game-30 Cards!

Other Scoot Games


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