Modern Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas

Sometimes I will scroll through pinterest looking at bulletin boards for fun and it seems like the majority of the photos are from so long ago! So many are adorable and are great ideas but if you like to incorporate a more modern feel into your classroom, the look can be hard to find.

Take a look at these bulletin board ideas I found in my way too long pinterest search plus a couple of bulletin board kits I made on my own!


1. Grinch Bulletin Boards

I saw this board and fell in love. While the Grinch isn’t exactly “modern” the way this board was put together looks amazing and modern! I love the 3 dimensional aspect! I wish I knew who originally completed this board so I could give them a high five and some well deserved credit! Well done!


2. Buffalo Check Bulletin Boards

Buffalo check Christmas decorations are EVERYWHERE this year….and i’m not even a little bit mad about it. There is something about that print that makes me feel like I am in the middle of a woodsy cabin, drinking some hot cocoa by the fire with a book in my hand…I could keep going but I’ll stop for your sake.

I decided to create this buffalo check bulletin board kit a few months ago when I came across some clip art that I knew I’d want to incorporate into it. I love how it turned out!


It is super easy to put together. All you have to do is cut out the letters and the trees and the car and staple or tape them up to your board or your door and you are pretty much done! It comes with a few different sayings for your choosing! You can see more of this board by clicking HERE.

3. Bright Christmas Cactus Bulletin Boards

I did it. I found a way to continue my cactus obsession over into the Christmas season. I really wanted to create a classroom decor kit this year that was in the cactus theme but just didn’t have the time so this was my way of getting the cactus bug out of me! You can see it by clicking HERE.


4. “Elfie” Bulletin Boards

Elf Christmas door decorating contest!

This is another super cute idea! It is used on a door here but could easily be used on a bulletin board as well. Students would love the play on words!

You can see more of my bulletin board creations and how I make them on my Instagram account by clicking HERE.


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